The international restaurant challenge began on Tuesday 25 September 2007, when Steve and fantasy lighting phenomenon Cat Webb visited Afghan Kitchen, 35 Islington Green, N1 8DU.

This is so long ago now that the details are sketchy. I remember that we had to order from a counter, and both got creamy curry-style dishes served in and/or from Tupperware boxes. We sat on high stools at a bar to eat and I think it was pretty good but not brilliant. Hopefully Sophie and Joe can provide a better description from their more recent meal there ~ SB

The Afghan Kitchen lies a short stroll from Angel tube station, an area now thronging with pink-skinned halfwits crammed into gilets – but it was not always so. I first visited the Kitchen in 2007, and have been back twice, once with Sophie in 2009, when our fattening crusade officially began, and once more in 2010, on a rain-soaked Autumn afternoon. Helpfully the Afghan Kitchen has never changed its menu, and serves only 4 dishes, which are available until such time as they run out and they close for the night. A small, glass fronted establishment over two floors, with perhaps five tables in total, you’re most likely to get a seat if you go for lunch and arrive slightly earlier or slightly later than seems reasonable, though you then run a slight risk of a section of the menu being unavailable. The Afghan Kitchen does not take reservations, but this suits its informal nature. If you’re lucky you’ll get to share the large table downstairs with strangers and pick at their dishes when they’re not looking. In this way, I have managed to try all of the dishes available, and I can confidently say they are well cooked and well-priced. The cuisine sits somewhere between Middle-Eastern and North African, with plenty of aubergine, lamb, chicken and mint, followed by tea and baklava. It is, as you might expect, fine. Just fine ~ J

Food: 3/5

Atmosphere: 2/5


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