Perpericon, 16 Greyhound Lane, London SW16 5SD

29 January 2014

Conveniently right next to Steve’s house, Perpericon started out as a pizzeria but over the years has allowed its Bulgarian essence to emerge. You still wouldn’t know it from the website, which advertises itself as an “Italian takeaway” and hides its Bulgarian dishes under a discreet “Non-pizza menu”. But Perpericon is hiding its light under a bushel, because the food on that menu is delicious, and the best thing they have to offer.

We ate so much, I cannot remember all the dishes, but here are a few: Lyutenitza, a dip made from red peppers, wonderfully light and flavourful; excellent flatbreads; baked cheese cubes; Snejanka, a dip similar to tzatziki; kebapche and kofte, which seemed to be the same grilled meat in different shapes; and best of all, the Smolian potatoes. This was a red-hot pot of grated potato with feta and cream, topped with an egg and baked. Absolutely fantastic, worth the visit on its own.

The restaurant is also attractively set out in dark colours, and the owner is very friendly and informative once you engage her in conversation. Although we would suggest you steer clear of the subject of gypsies.


IMG-20140129-00177 IMG-20140129-00178 Lambeth-20140129-00179


Food: 4/5

Atmosphere: 3/5

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