Mouthful of Earth (formerly the International Gastronomic Alphabet) is Steve, Sophie & Joe’s attempt to eat the food of every nation on earth, in alphabetical order, without leaving London (including its suburb, Woking). “Nations” in this case means those in the UN.

We realise that the goal is impossible; it is about the journey, not the destination.

We also realise that many others have tried this, and are blogging about it. But it was an original idea on our part many years ago, and anyway, we’re going to get further than the others.

We try to find a representative restaurant in London for each nation, but if none exists, we cook the food ourselves. Each nation gets a score for its food. Restaurants get a score for ‘atmosphere’, which means how much of a sense of that nation we got by being there. If a restaurant gets a low atmosphere score, it doesn’t mean it has no atmosphere, it just means we didn’t feel transported to that country.

Steve, Sophie & Joe


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